Monday, July 21, 2014

This Could Be Dangerous

Yesterday I learned how to use Polyvore to make collages and I think I might be a
little obsessed now.  It's like a cyber version of paper dolls!

Here's one I did to show some styling ideas for a Hawaiian Maxi I have up for sale. 

Style Ideas for Mahilini Barckcloth Dress

Then I got inspired by SpyGirl's 52 Pick Up prompt and put together a delicious disco outfit.


Isn't that dress amazing?  A girl can dream right?

Do you use Polyvore?


  1. Yes, the sequin disco dress is just fabulous! Love your Hawaiian frock too. No, I have never used Polyvore, though I see lots of other bloggers do. xx

  2. The Hawaiian dress is a beauty! like Curtise I haven't used Polyvore, I have only just really discovered Pinterest (I could spend hours there!) the disco dress is delicious x x x