Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Sprog and I arrived in Portland safe and sound (if a few hours late and a little travel weary) and were met at the train station by Hubby. We had an amazing adventure but it feels great to be home again. 

Here's a quick picture of pelicans over the Columbia River in central Washington. (Not too shabby for a picture taken with my iPhone from a moving train, eh?)

I lost my internet connection when we left Boston so I wasn't able to create posts from the road. Plus we were far too busy doing all kinds of cool stuff to have the time to compose them anyway.  Now that I'm home I'll be able to go through the pictures and tell you all about the second half of the trip. 

But... it will still be a day or two before I'm able to do that because first I have to dig out from under the enormous pile of stuff that was waiting for me to take care of when I got home. This is definitely the downside to going away for nearly three week.  Ok, back to the mountains of laundry, emails, and snail mail.  If I don't come back in a day or two someone please send in the rescue dog.  Thanks!


  1. Yes, that photo is a triumph!
    Welcome home - glad the trip was a success, and hope you get all The Stuff sorted soon. xxx

  2. What a wonderful photo! I've just been chatting with Krista about visiting Portland next year, this makes me even more excited! xxx