Friday, July 18, 2014

Bed Sheet Skirt and Getting All Dolled Up

Inspired by some of my fellow bloggers, I've been experimenting with making clothes from sheets, curtains, and such found at thrift stores. The Marimekko maxi wasn't the only project in the works lately. Here's a skirt I made out of an adorable Snoopy sheet a found a few weeks ago. It's in French so I've decided that alone means it qualifies as couture. Seriously, how cute is this print?

It got its first outing tonight for Hubby's and my date. We got dolled up and went to see a burlesque show. By the way, if you've never seen burlesque you should. The art form is undergoing a period of rejuvenation and wild creativity and it's really a lot of fun. 

Bed sheet skirt (made by me), Old Navy T-shirt, Qupid black and white polka dot fabric shoes, bakelite bangles, micro mosaic pin, and vintage dangle earrings (all thrifted)

I've gotten in the habit of keeping my eyes open for vinatge dangle earrings. I don't like wearing clip on or screw backs but if the earrings have a drop, I can take them off and make them into peirced earrings. I like leverbacks for this.  I do sacrafice some of the original look since there is usually a design element attached to the clip or screw part but it seems to be a reasonable compromise.  I'll try to remember to post before and after pictures next time I convert a pair. 


  1. That is a sweet print - tres jolie, Snoopy! Great outfit, and lovely earrings too. xxx

  2. That's fantastic, you look fabulous. x