Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun with Math and Knitting!

Whew, I got all the materials for Hat Couture submitted to my publisher!  That means it's her problem for a while and I can turn my attention to some other knitting projects.  Specifically, two really fun math oriented patterns I've had brewing.  I got to use truly scrumptious Cephalopod Yarns for both of these.  Sarah Eyre is so much fun to work with and the yarn is amazing!  They really do have some of the best colorways on the market.

The first is a redo of an earlier pattern.  Nautilidae has Fibonacci spirals.

 Golden Triangles is a shawl or scarf based on the Golden Ratio.

Big Thank-You's to the lovely Miss Amelia and my dapper hubby, Steve for modelling.  And one more Thank-You to Sam who got behind the camera for part of the shoot!  It was a really fun day on the Reed campus followed by a sushi lunch.  I guess I'd better knit some more stuff so we can do it again!