Thursday, January 10, 2013

More on that costume

Well, it's almost the big day!  The Needles and Artifice book launch party is just 2 days away and I think I'm ready.  The leather vest I posted about earlier is complete as are a number of other pieces.  This has been such a fun project!  Here's my haul from ONE of my trips to the crafts store.

I used the leftover red leather from the dress to make a wide belt complete with assorted attachment points for all the gear.  It buckles in the front with the lacing in the back.  The pouch is for my iphone.

I had way too much fun making the assorted do-dads.

I've been going back and forth for quite a while about what to do for a coat.  After several attempts to re-purpose existing garments, I finally resigned myself to the idea that I was going to have to sew it from scratch.  I started with the coat from Simplicity's Steampunk Costume but left off the front panels and the ruffles.  The belt will go over it and hold it closed.  I'm thrilled with the fabrics I found.  The outside is linen and I am madly in love with the striped cotton lining.  One last piece of the red leather was the perfect touch for the collar.

And, of course I had to have a hat!  The hat itself I bought last winter at a vintage shop.  New ribbon, feather, and metal rosette and it's got steampunk flair!

A pair of brown leggings and my swashbuckling boots (complete with buckles) finish the outfit.  Hopefully, I'll get some good pictures on Saturday evening so I can show off how it all looks together.   

I didn't get pictures the night of the party but here are a couple taken recently showing how it all looks put together.

Coming Soon!

Just a quick peek at Minuet Scarf which will be coming out in the Feb. issue of Creative Knitting.  I love this picture!

(Photo courtesy of Annie's)