Saturday, July 12, 2014

And finally on to Glacier National Park

In what I can only describe as some sort of miracle we arrived in East Glacier on the first train to be on time in over two months. In fact we were 5 minutes early!  A quick walk across the street to collect the rental car and we were ready to go. 

Because we got in on time I was able to make the drive from East Glacier up to Saint Mary Lodge while it was still light out. A definite plus on that narrow winding road.  It also meant we had some gorgeous views.

Once again Sprog manned the camera and did a great job!

We were up nice and early the next morning and ready to head into the park. We decided to go farther north and check out Many Glacier first. The lodge was built in 1915 and like all the lodges in the park was done in the style of an alpine chalet.

We had breakfast at the lodge and then took the 2.5mi hike around Swiftcurrent lake. Wildflowers abounded. 

Bear grass 

As did mountains. Mount Wilbur

Indian paintbrush in pink

Next we drove back south to the Saint Mary entrance and drove along Going to the Sun road (the only road through the center of the park) where we encountered these guys!

Momma black bear with two cubs in tow crossed the road right in front of us.  

Cub goofing around. 

Momma on lookout. Don't worry, we stayed safely in our car to take the pictures.  

Our home for night two at Rising Sun Motor Lodge.  We spent the evening sitting on the porch watching it get dark. Bliss!

The next morning we took a boat tour of Saint Mary Lake. Simply Gorgeous!

There was an optional 3mi hike to see Saint Mary Falls. It was worth every step!

After the boat ride we once again drove along Going to the Sun Road to see what we would see.

Oh, and what we saw!  At Logan Pass we encountered this guy. 

He posed so beautifully on the edge of the parking lot for everyone to get pictures. 

Sprog and snow. 

Me and snow and mountain

More mountains!

Lunch Creek was one of my favorites. 

Late afternoon and it was time to start heading back. We made the drive south to East Glacier where we checked the train status (nearly 2 hrs late) and returned the rental car. 

Then over to check out Glacier Park Lodge (built in 1913)

When we walked in with our luggage we were met by the bellhop. I explained that we weren't checking in, just stopping by to have dinner and then heading over to the train station. Didn't matter, he was happy to hold our luggage for us and we could take the shuttle to the train. Well, ok then!  The whole shuttle to the train is a little silly (and I'll show you why in a bit) but made us feel kinda pampered nonetheless. 

We had a very nice and indulgent dinner at the lodge. Huckleberry iced tea was the highlight for me, though the trout was very good too. 

We spent time checking out the lodge and just relaxing. See, the red clogs made it the whole way!

Our ride awaits. 

This is the view of the lodge from the train station. (Now you get it, right?)

Another darling little train station. This one was built in 1912. While I was taking pictures one of the two (yup, count 'em, two) employees asked what I was taking pictures of.  She said she sees people take pictures all the time but couldn't figure out why. I explained that I really liked to look of the station with all of its original details. I guess since she sees it every day it didn't occur to her that it's anything special. 

These benches have been here a while. 

When it was time to head out to the platform there were still beautiful things to see and silliness to be had. 

This guy was at least three inches across. 

And then our train came. 


  1. A fabulous trip - look at those wonderful blue skies, snow-topped mountains and beautiful lakes. And bears! Going to the Sun Road must be one of the best road names ever. xxx

  2. What a trip!!! it's absolutely brilliant! snow! what a treat and real life bears, my goodness, wise choice staying in the car, I've never seen them in real life! the views are utterly beautiful and the lodge is magnificent and a heart shaped bear grass - it's all been thrilling! I'm looking forward to the next installment! x x x