Monday, July 14, 2014

Beating the Heat (or at least trying to...)

It's been hot since we got home, really HOT.  It's been melt into a pathetic little puddle on the floor hot. I don't do well in the heat which is one of the reasons I like living in the Pacific NW; it's not usually this DAMNED HOT!  

The heat is forcing me to be a clothing minalmalist. Today I put on a light silk skirt that I found at the thrift store last week and a plain black cami.  It's cool and covers the necessary bits but honestly leaves me feeling more exposed than I like.  How about a silk scarf to cover up a bit more without adding a lot of weight?

Wheee!  There was a breeze. 

First I wrapped it around me like a shawl.  Pretty but lots of loose ends and it kept slipping around. This is great if you're a lady of leisure and all you need to do all day is look alluring while you readjust your shawl. So I tried just knotting it in the front to secure it.  That solved the slipping problem but left me feeling a bit like I was wearing a straight jacket. After more experimenting I finally tied a knot in it in the middle and tied two of the corners together to create a cover up that didn't move around too much and left both arms free. Grocery store, here I come!

Red silk skirt: Easy Silks (thrifted)
Silk scarf (retail eons ago)
Red patent leather sandals with Big Ass Bows on the Toes: Moda Spana (discount retail)

I love these sandals. They're one of the first pair of fun, silly shoes I got when I decided I had had enough of practical "mom" shoes. Hubby and I had gone to DSW looking for something pretty for me for summer. I was just about to give up when Hubby holds up these gorgeous red sandals with outrageous big bows on the toes and says, "What about these?"  I must have walked right past them but they were so different than what I used to wear that I think I hadn't even seen them. I'm so happy (and a little amazed) that Hubby did see them. By holding them up, he forced me to readjust my thinking and as soon as I did that I fell in love with them. Thanks Hubby!  

On my wrist

Black and red glass Indian bangles and a bone bangle with metal inlays (all thrifted)
The glass bangles make the most delightful tinkling sound when I move around. 


  1. You look lovely in red! Those shoes are fantastic, what a find.
    Not sure whether this link will work - you'll probably have to cut and paste it - but great idea for tying a scarf here:

  2. LOVE black and red together - oh the drama! Great idea for the scarf as a cover up, and the sandals are fabulous. xxx

  3. What a beautiful outfit! so stunning, you look absolutely gorgeous and the scarf adds such panache, ( I can't cope in extreme heat either! makes me grumpy!) your husband is a fabulous shoe discoverer! they are so pretty! x x x