Monday, July 28, 2014

I Went to the Woods

Yesterday Hubby and I dropped Sprog off for camp and then packed up our stuff and headed up to Mount Hood with Giant Dog for a few days. We're renting a very cute little cabin in the woods.  It's surrounded by big trees and there is a creek in the back. It's a lovely setting for a quiet getaway with Hubby.

So much for Giant Dog to explore!

My delightful companions..

We're keeping it simple and relaxed.  Food is mostly nibbles through the day rather than prepared meals. There is time to knit , read, talk, and ...  I'm hoping for an easy hike later today and a chance to poke around the creek.  I've kept the wardrobe simple too. I channeled my inner wood nymph and picked woodsy colors and flowing silhouettes. 

I found this great skirt last week at the thrift store. It has ties underneath to pull the hem up into lovely bustle like swags but there are a couple that need repair so for now I'm wearing it full length and flowing. I rather like the dark green paired with the orchid color. 

And, entirely by coincidence, orchid is Spy Girl's theme for this week's 52-Pick-Me-Up! This outfit reminds me of pink lady's slippers.  They're fairly common on the East Coast and definitely one of the highlights of a walk in the woods. 

I'm also linking to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. With its muted tones, this outfit might not fit the literal definition of visible but I think it does fit the spirit of visible dressing. It's an outfit that I thoughtfully and intentionally picked to create a look that suits my surroundings and my mood. It makes me feel very ME!  


  1. Dressing to suit yourself and your mood is what it's all about - and you look lovely amongst the trees! Enjoy your trip! xxx

  2. This looks so delightful - away from the noises and distractions. I hope all three of you have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Lovely photos and a fab skirt. Isn't your dog a big lad? x

  4. Oh you gorgeous wood nymph! fabulous pics of you! and how wonderful to have a getaway with the husband in such a beautiful location....just perfect! x x x

  5. i love the one of you peeping out from behind the tree. Very wood nymph! Fabulous skirt, and I love the colour of the top. A luscious woodsy setting is my idea of bliss too! I'm glad you had lovely companions with you as well. XO JJ