Wednesday, July 30, 2014

And They Saw the Sloe in the Thicket, and the Wild Apple and the Cherry Blossoming in Spring

In a piece of lovely symmetry, I arrived home from my time in the ancient woods of Mt Hood to find that my pattern based on JRR Tolkien's vision of ancient woods and the creatures who live there is now available!  The Entwife's Coat is my contribution to Interweave's Enchanted Knits.  

The beautiful Entwives were partners to the Ents of Middle-earth, helping to tend and protect growing things. But they left their husbands to create lush gardens in the East. With the rise of Sauron, the Entwives mysteriously vanished, leaving just the memory of their existence. 

This poignant tale from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is the inspiration for a warm and feminine coat. Heavily decorated with flowers, leaves, fruits, and bark texture, it embodies the exuberant lushness and fertility of their gardens, while the wrap closure and heavy yarn create a garment that is warm and nurturing in its feel.

The story of the lost Entwives has always been one of my favorite parts of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and I am over the moon that my design was included in this magazine!  


  1. Although I'm not a fan of Tolkien's writing he did grow up in Birmingham so I'm rather fond of him.
    That coat is amazing, fancy designing that. You are clever. x

  2. Congratulations! How lovely to see your design in print, it's lovely. I had no idea the Ents had wives! xxx