Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

I love rainy days in July!  Despite its reputation for being wet, Portland actually has very dry summers. We often go weeks (and sometimes months) at a stretch with no rainfall. Add in heat like we're having this year and I end up feeling parched.  So this morning I was thrilled to wake up to the sound of rain. Real soaking rain too, not silly little sprinkly rain. The temperature also dropped quite a bit so I was able to pull out a nice comfy, cozy outfit for today.

I like the balance between the full top and the slim skirt. I call this my goth Snow White top.  It has cute little puff sleeves and the sweetest button up bodice but it's fundamentally a black hoodie!  Add in the biker vibe bracelet and it's a veritable cacophony of contradiction  

For some reason my hair was chanelling Jessica Rabbit today. I'm not sure I really pulled it off but it's a good picture of the shoes.

My lovelyJeffrey  Campbell red wedges with a 40s vibe. Worn with Karen Kane Skirt, Coast 2 Coast top, and leather and chain biker bracelet (all thrifted.)

On another topic, the arrival of the dress I talked about here turned out to be much more of a downer than the rain. It was a complete disaster. On the website it's shown and described as having a high waist but what arrived had an empire waist. If the skirt had been plain it would have worked.  But with the piping it was all wrong and made me look incredibly thick through the torso. Rats!  I guess I'll leave it up to the Thrift Store Goddesses to grace me with the perfect dress for the wedding sometime between now and mid-September. Anyone know what the appropriate sacrifice to the Thrift Store Goddesses is?


  1. Love those shoes and the stripy shirt.
    Shame about the dress disappointment. Krista (Peetee's Palace) gets some amazing stuff in the Portland op shops, I'm sure you will too. xxx

  2. Appropriate Sacrifice to the Thrift Store goddess might be the Online Disaster?! *winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Take a bag of donations to the thrift store, the gods tend to approve of that!
    Love the red shoes and that fabulous skirt. xxx

  4. I loathe an empire waist, loathe them!!! instant pregnancy look on me - I'm sorry your pretty dress was a downer, but I'm sure your perfect dress is waiting for you in the thrift stores! I think you look fabulous in your outfit, the full top and skirt are so lovely and those shoes! red shoes are just very special! I do adore your hair x x x

  5. Soooooooooooooo glad that you found me, so I could find you back,
    Do keep in touch