Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Making Plans and Making Messes

I'm feeling a little lost this morning.  I dropped The Sprog off for his first day of high school. I'm so excited for him and he's definitely ready for the change. But I can't figure out how it happened so fast. One moment my little boy was cuddled in my lap and the next this gangly almost-man is telling me I can just drop him in front of the school. 

As for my home alone time?  Well, best laid plans and all that. I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet house and being on my own schedule. And I actually accomplished quite a bit but the sewing plans flopped. After 2 muslin mock-ups I still wasn't entirely happy with my dress but decided I was close enough and started in on the real material anyway. Oops! Should have listened to my gut. The dress isn't a total loss and I'll pull it out again later this fall and finish it for a fancy occasion in December. Spending all that time on the dress with nothing to show for it was frustrating and ate up the time I was hoping to spend on my wide legs pants project so I didn't even get to touch that one. What a mess!

But I did spend lots of time working on two different sweaters I'm in the middle of knitting while watching hours and hours of Dr Who. Both sweaters are in "just knit" phases which means I don't need to think very hard about what I'm doing. My hands can do their thing while mind does something else.  Very relaxing. 

And I dyed my hair - finally!  I got black dye everywhere (what a mess!) but in the end am very happy to have my ebony tresses back. 

All in all it was a very nice experience.

This week's Share-in-Style prompt, "Sailor" inspired this outfit.  

It's a bit of a departure from how I usually dress but that the fun of responding to outfit prompts!  Besides, the fancy linen jacket (originally from Nordstrom but bought for a song at a thrift store) needed an outing this summer.  The brooch has bits of abalone shell and the hair clip has a (faux) pearl.  Definitely marine!

Here I am dreaming of sailing to far away places...

with Giant Dog at my side!

And on my wrist this really cool stretch bracelet made of scale-like celluloid pieces.


  1. Your hair looks fab, the trousers fit perfectly and your big dog is gorgeous! Love the bracelet, too.
    Hope your boy enjoyed his first day. xxx

  2. Hello gorgeoussssss thank you for being part of Share-in-Style. You are one of the family now.

  3. The time really does flash by doesn't it! your son is a handsome young man (his hair is beautiful) it seems they are ready for the changes a lot better than us sometimes! your hair is ebony gorgeous and I adore your outfit, the red shoes and accessories are wonderful x x x