Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some of my favorite things

Yup, whiskers on kittens!

Sprog climbed under the porch to round up kitten number 5.  He was without a doubt the hero of the night.  All five are now safely in our care and have gotten a clean bill of health and first vaccines from the vet.  We still have some work ahead of us socializing the shy ones but we are now starting the search for their forever homes.

Two more of my favorite things are Fluevog shoes and knitting and next month the two come together in the most lovely way.

Yippie!  I'm one of the 6 local designers.  I'll have my books there along with samples to look at and try on.  I even designed a hat pattern just for the event.

So if you live in the Portland area and either knit or have feet stop by, pick up a free copy of the pattern, check a whole bunch of great fiber stuff, and try on some super cool shoes!

REALLY cool shoes like these.
Sigh...  Maybe I'll sell enough copies of Hat Couture next month to bring these beauties home with me. 


  1. Ooh, adorable kitten, well done to your son for going in to get them!
    Love the knitted hat. Fluevogs are so expensive, but I hope you sell plenty of your pattern book so you can buy those boots! xxx

  2. That kitten is adorable, so glad your boy was able to rescue them. x

  3. Your son is a hero! well done! you have a lot of kitties at your place, it must be bedlam hehe, our 2 are an absolute handful! great news too about you being a selected local designer, how cool! I hope you sell loads! x x x