Monday, September 29, 2014

Death and Decay and Stiletto Boots

Certain people (you know who you are Curtise and Melanie) have been discussing clothing the "coulor of mould, decay, detritus, and fungus."  I'm not sure it was meant as an inspiration but I took it that way.  

I love the details and shape on this top but I have to admit I feel a little like a I belong in a zombie movie when I wear it.  Oh, well, I shall embrace the macabre.

I fancy that paired with a long black skirt and stiletto heel boots, this outfit makes me look tall and lean.


(Just give me this one.)

Everything thrifted except the beret which was designed and made by me!  Pattern available here if you're interested.  And linking up with the FABULOUS Style Crone's Hat Attack!

I used to have a more typical reaction to fall, feeling loss as I watched the world around me shut down for winter.  And then one year I had the good sense to go and get pregnant in July. By the time fall came and everything was dying around me I was just starting my second trimester and the baby and I were flourishing.  But it was also a quiet, introspective time for me.  I was was lucky to have a schedule that allowed me to rest a lot and focus on getting set up for the baby.  I spent the winter tucked away at home, getting ready. Every day I was aware of the quiet but inexorable growth and change that was happening inside me.  I was truly "expecting."

I no longer dread fall and the winter that follows.  I know it's a time when things shut down, not to die, but to rest.  During the cold dark months the world is quietly nurturing the wonderful things that will spring forth when the time is right.


  1. Love that you had fun with the shooting. Very pretty and cute. :)

  2. I love the look, and the Turnip Head!

  3. Haha! Turnip Head! Thanks for taking her out on a zombie adventure. I'm so glad you could use the mould, detritus, decay, and fungus as inspiration. I love your outfit and especially the you-made beret. Fantastic! I shall list on the Turnip list forthwith.

  4. Love a bit of tie-dye and your fab hat.
    I'm currently enjoying this autumn as its hot and sunny but the dark mornings and having to have the lights on before 6pm - nah! xxx

  5. Good to know that you have a positive view of autumn - since the changing of the season is inevitable, we might as well embrace and appreciate it. You look lovely, not Zombiefied or decaying in the least, and your red beret is fabulous! xxx

  6. Fun, fabulous
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  7. Maybe if we all wear turnip heads we could save ourselves during a zombie attack. They want flesh, right? I bet they wouldn't like turnips.

    That's a cute top, not at all zombie-like. Yes, autumn is a lovely time (especially here in the PNW). Time to pull out those nice scarves and boots!

  8. pretty tye&dye and funny pics, you look adorable!!

  9. Hello Ms Zombie Turnip Head! so cool! I love your description of Autumn, so true though, it really is a time for rest and recuperation - you look wonderful btw, no signs of decay, just lots of joy and my goodness you are amazing in red x x x

  10. I don't look forward to Autumn, but once it is hear I do tend to relish it!
    Cuddly clothes and lovely colours.