Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's All in the Details

Yesterday was one of those lovely clear cool fall mornings which gave me the perfect excuse to pull out one of my favorite coats.

This coat is so awesome.  It's nicely tailored for a figure flattering fit, it has wonderful details and perfectly sized and placed pocket, AND it's made of cotton jersey!  Yup, it feels like a sweatshirt. 

Great details, even on the back.  

CAbi jacket, Eddie Bauer pants, and red t-shirt, and my lovely red clogs (read the whole silly story here) all from thrift stores. 

One of my projects for the day was to dye a pair of pants I bought last week.  I love the fit and the style lines but the color is really a no-go for me.  

Great seam details.

So into the dye pot they went.  

I didn't get the color perfectly even but I'm envisioning these for archery/playing in the woods clothes so the slight mottling works just fine,  

This morning after a trip through the washer and dryer - Viola!  (There's the jacket again.)  

Now I'm looking around for more stuff to dye!


  1. I love a dye job! Those trousers came out just great! Still in love with your clogs. x

  2. Oh yes, so much better for a dip in some dye!
    Love the military buttons and styling of the jacket. xxx

  3. Can't even see the mottling...they just look like fab pants!
    That jacket is rather lovely and those clogs are amazing!
    Z xx