Friday, June 6, 2014

A Tale of Four Red Shoes: It's All About Timing

Where to begin?  Sprog and I have a big cross country trip coming up at the end of this month. We're flying into Boston to visit with my family and then taking the train back home to Oregon.  We'll be making stops along the way to sightsee and visit other family members.  There are walking intensive days planned in four different major cities in potentially hot weather.  I realized several weeks ago that I didn't have a pair of summer shoes that I felt confident that I could walk that much in without ending up with blisters or very tired feet.  So darling Hubby took me shoe shopping (he's really quite a sweetheart.)  I should add that I have wide feet so finding shoes that fit really well AND are cute is a tall order.  We searched a variety of stores and I tried on a bunch of options but nothing was perfect. I finally decided to get the Dansko Thea. I've worn Dansko before and they fit my feet well and are definitely all day, walk everywhere shoes.  But I wanted the red and that's not available in stores anymore. No worries, ebay to the rescue.  Within a week I had these babies in my possession and ready to go on my feet.

(Isn't Giant Dog cute?). 

Or so I thought.  They were so tight I couldn't even get my feet into them.  Very odd and disappointing since other Dansko shoes have fit me so well.  Again, no worries, I took them to the cobbler and got them stretched.  That made it possible to get my feet into them but they were definitely going to need a lot of breaking in.  But I still had lots of time before the trip so I started wearing them every day - ouch! But better ouch now where I can take them off after a while instead of ouch later when I'll be stuck.  

But then... I found this at Goodwill.  

Yes, I mean "this" not "these."  There was only one.  That one fit like a dream but I have two feet wanting shoes. I looked high and low with no luck. The gals who stock the shelves looked high and low with no luck.  Finally I talked to the manager and she was willing to take my name and number and call me if the other shoe surfaced.  I walked out of Goodwill feeling frustrated and defeated assuming that there was little chance the second shoe would show up and figuring that even if it did, the chances were slight that they'd be organized enought to actually call me.  

Oh, Theressa of little faith!  A few days later the phone rang.  They had found the shoe and were putting the pair back out now.  They have strict policies that prevent them from holding anything for you.  I raced out the door fervently hoping that I could get there before anyone else spotted MY gorgeous red patent leather clogs.  I arrived, my heart in my throat and headed straight for the shoes and started scanning the shelf.  No clogs.  

Yup, that's how I felt.  

Ok, take a breath, regroup, check around a bit more.  Wait! What's that? There at the bottom of the cart of items to go onto the selves...a glimps of glorious red patent leather!  Indeed, not just one, but two gorgeous clogs in nearly new condition ready to make my feet oh so happy all for just $15 (yes, that price was for BOTH shoes.)

Skane Toffeln clogs made in Sweden. 

I have worn them nearly daily since getting them and there are a couple of minor rub spots that are improving each time I wear them but I can walk and walk and my feet don't get tired.  The only lingering frustration is that I now also own that pair of ill fitting Danskos.  Oh, if only the thrift store goddesses had chosen to smile on me a few days earlier.  I think I'm going to list them on ebay and see how much of my money I can get back out of them.  If they fit better I'd just keep them. After all, a girl (or at least this girl) can't have too many cute red shoes.  But with the fit issues, I doubt I'll actually wear them much.  Oh well.

Here's a today's outfit featuring the prodigal clogs.  

Dress: I have no idea, the labels were cut out.  The fabric is a polyester knit that feels like a fabric used in a lot of current clothing. I love the 40's vibe. (thrifted)
Clogs: Skane Toffeln (thrifted)
Red bakelite bangles (Simply Vintage - trade) with black w/white polka dots plastic bangle (thrifted)


  1. I adore your red clogs. What you want always turns up second hand eventually but waiting can drive you mad! Insanely jealous of both them and your road trip and the dress looks gorgeous on you! xxx

  2. I had to trackback on the clog story, they are fab.
    My feet, oh, I swear at my feet sometimes.
    How come my nice red leather loafers, well worn in always comfy, decide to blister my foot the first day I am in Manchester?? Grrrr...I need clogs!