Monday, June 23, 2014

Thirty Years is a Long Time

The Sprog and I are back at my parents' house after a glorious weekend on Cape Cod.  We had two days of absolutely perfect weather in which to enjoy strolling through quaint towns, wading in the ocean, swimming in the pond, walking through the salt marsh, and eating the most delicious seafood.

Here's my lovely Stacy gloating over the goodies I brought her.  I gave her an assortment of my favorite  things but in her colors. 

Vintage rhinestone pin with green stones
Real pashmina scarf in a green, blue, and pink plaid
A stack of plastic bangles which match the pashmina nicely
A vinatge beaded purse
(All thrifted)

The Sprog is turning into a rather good photographer. Here are a bunch of his lovely photos from our walk at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Bullfrog tadpole


Painted turtle

Stacy and me enjoying the amazing view. 

Very picturesque boardwalk through the salt marsh

Love this one!

Fiddler crabs

Me with my binoculars doing one of the things I love best. 

When I was a kid my family took several vacations on Cape Cod and I have wonderful memories from those trips. But the last time I was on the Cape was over thirty years ago.  It was so wonderful to finally get to go back and to have the opportunity to show this lovely place to the Sprog.  A big thanks to Stacy's mother for letting us use her house and to Stacy for being our tour guide. It was a truly memorable weekend.  


  1. Oh it does look beautiful there. And I agree, your son has a really good eye and takes a great photo! xxx

  2. LOVE this!!! SO FUN!!!! Thank you for all the goodies and for such a great weekend!!! Glad I was able to share my love for the Cape with both of you!!

  3. I love being taken on trips, and what a fantastic adventure! your Son has taken wonderful photo's, he definitely has a great eye! x x x