Monday, June 2, 2014

What a lovely weekend!

The sprog was away all weekend for fun in the woods with Trackers. If you live in the vicinity of Portland, OR, Eugene, OR, or Oakland, CA and like doing cool stuff outdoors, I highly recommend you check them out.  And it's not just for the kids, they have adult programs too!  
Anywho, with Sprog away, Hubby and I declared the weekend a vacation for us too.  Friday night we had a fantastic dinner at Navarre and then, being the wild party animals that we are, went home and crashed out (it had been a long week.)  After a slow lazy start to the morning Saturday we grabbed brunch at Delta Cafe. We'd never been before but will definitely be going back. Next we went to several estate sales and endulged in some treasure hunting.  It was fairly slim pickings but Hubby found a couple of old tools that made him happy and bought me these darling little enameled pansy pins.  Aren't they sweet?  And him too!  

The afternoon was spent with giant dog at the Sandy River Delta dog park.  Fresh air, sunshine, water, mud, wagging tails, puppies to meet... It was great!  All three of us had a wonderful time.  

When we got home the dog settled in for a long nap and Hubby and I got gussied up for another evening out.  Here's what I wore. 

Meet Anne, my body double.

Sundress (Old Navy, thrifted), cotton cropped sweater (Decree, thrifted), wool hat (thrifted), shoes (Dansko, gift from hubby several years ago and one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have ever owned.)  I love this hat I found last week.  I put it on and immediately felt at home in it.  I think it originally came from Nordstron and cost a pretty penny.  I paid $4, so, yay me!  I won't have much opportunity to wear it over the summer since it's wool but I envision more or less glueing it to my head in the fall.

In addition to the sweet little pansy pins I added this sweater keeper I bought a while back at a thrift store on a whim.  Traditionally these are worn at the collar but I really like it at the waist. It looks a little like a watch chain and gives the whole outfit a slight steampunk feel which is just fine with me!  

After some initial problems (we couldn't go to the restaurant we had planned on because the Rose Festival parade was in the way) we ended indulging in comfort food at Sellwood Public House.  I spent the evening getting tipsy and giving Hubby sly looks from under my jauntily cocked hat.  

Sunday morning we walked to the farmer's market and got fruit empanadas for breakfast, veggies and wild mushroom to make into a quiche for dinner, and veggie starts for the garden.  

Tomatoes and peppers and eggplants, oh my!

And before we knew it it was time to go pick up an exhausted, covered in grime, and thoroughly happy Sprog.  

Here are a couple of mirror selfies of me in the hat today so I can link up with The Style Crone's June Hat Attack.

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