Friday, May 30, 2014

So here's the deal...

I've been toying with blogging about personal style and thrift store treasure hunting for a while now and have finally made the decision to dive in.  The biggest sticking point has been trying to decide what to do about photos.  I HATE how I look in photos.  I'm fine with how I look in real life but something happens when I pose for the camera that isn't good.  Occasionally, someone will capture a great picture of me, like this one:

But most of the time I end up looking like this:

Oh. Dear. Lord!

This is not a pity party and I'm not looking for lots of people to comment telling me how great I look.  Pictures like that of myself make me cringe so I'm not going to subject myself to it.  It's just not a big deal.

But don't worry, I will post lots of pictures of stuff.  Cool stuff, groovy stuff, unusual stuff, awesome stuff, and just plain weird stuff!

I love vintage, well, anything.  But being of a larger size I often can't wear vintage clothes.  Most of my wardrobe is newer (thrifted) garments.  But I also can't abide cookie cutter, what's hot now fashion so I seek out items that are a little different and style them to suit me and only me.  I generally gravitate toward quality. There's nothing like getting a really well made piece of clothing for less than a crap t-shirt from Walmart.  Oddly enough, I now have 2 Old Navy dresses that I adore.  The styles are great, the quality is surprisingly good and the fit is great. Here's one all ready for date night with hubby.

Sundress (Old Navy, thrifted), cropped wool sweater (Charlie and Robin, thrifted), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell, thrifted) bakelite bangles (assorted sources.) 

And the bangles... Well, I'll be doing a post shortly about my plastic bangle collection.  Ok, it's a bit of an obsession. Fine! I have a problem.  

Clearly, I will have to pull out the good camera and try some different photo locations. There will be improvements. But for now, this will do.  


  1. Welcome to blogland! Once you start doing selfies etc I bet you'll get used to taking and seeing pics of yourself - something about blogging that does that. :) I love the Old Navy dress; great colours.Full disclosure: I have a 'problem' with vintage costume jewellery. Looking forward to seeing your bangle collection! xo

  2. Kelly, I am so tickled to have you as the first person to comment on my blog. You're actually one of the people who inspired me to start blogging!

  3. Welcome to blogland and for visiting me! It look me months to post a photo of myself on my blog but you will get used to it and work out odd angles and the like. That outfit is just lovely. xxx