Monday, October 27, 2014

Dogs and Vogs

This was supposed to be a post about breaking in a new pair of shoes and my Margarita hat pattern in honor of Anne's 52 Pick-me-up: Marigold.  But Giant Dog kept photo bombing me.

Shoes?  What shoes?  All I see are fuzzy dog ears.  (The softest, most wonderfully pet-able ears by the way.)

What are we looking at mom? 

She just wanted to be involved; following me back and forth from the camera to the edge of the deck.  So what else could I do other than include her in the photo shoot.  Clearly she was hoping for her big break. 

Um, Giant Dog, that's not your best angle.  Though it is a pretty good one of the hat.  The pattern can be found on Etsy if you'd like to knit your own. 

Explanations were made. 

And finally!  Me in plaid skirt and layered long and short sleeve shirts (thrifted) with new Fluevogs (majorly on sale), hand knit hat, and vintage plastic bangles (also thrifted.)  And Giant Dog in a lovely collar featuring pink skulls on a black background (pet store.)

And the shoes?

So the downside of hanging out with people who like the same things as you is that a lot of enabling happens.  There is a discussion group on Ravelry devoted entirely to Fluevogs.  People discuss fit and sizing issues, post pictures of outfits, give styling suggestions, and generally hang out.  There is also a thread where members post deals and sales they come across and this is where it gets fun/dangerous.  Last week someone noticed that Amazon had these (Hopefuls Luxon) marked way down but only in a handful of sizes.  Well, guess whose size they did have?  So at less than a third of full price I jumped on them.  After placing my order, I discovered that Amazon was running a special for 20% off a purchase of $100 or more.  I found another item I wanted that would bump the total over the cutoff and emailed customer service to find out if I could add that to my order and then apply the discount.  I figured it was a long shot.  Well what do you know? Customer service said they couldn’t add to the order at that point but that they would be happy to give me 20% off the purchase anyway. They just needed to wait until it shipped and my card was charged. Lo and behold, the shoes shipped the next morning and a 20% refund was issued! I don’t know which I find more amazing, that they gave me a discount they didn’t have to, or that customer service actually followed through on what they said they’d do. Yup, brand new, super cute, super comfy Fluevogs on my feet for $74.  I feel a little like I just won the lottery.


  1. Giant dog matches your outfit perfectly, what a cute accessory!
    Great news about the shoes. Over here a brand called Irregular Choice have a similar following. xxx

  2. The outfits, shoes and hat are lovely, and of course I will forgive Giant Dog for photobombing, because she is gorgeous! Good deal on the Fluevogs - people really become superfans of that brand, don't they? xxx

  3. What beautiful photo's! it's a great outfit and the shoes and beret are so pretty too - Giant Dog is an excellent photo-bomber though, what a sweetie, such a gentle face - brilliant deal on the Fluevogs! x x x

  4. We missed you at Share-in-Style.
    looking lovely

  5. Goodness gracious, what a gorgeous find! The beautiful shoes are even better for the bargain story. I love the color palettes you choose, and I'm falling more and more for subtle plaids the more style bloggers I see rocking 'em.

  6. Love your marigold hat! It looks nice and cozy. Score on the Fluevogs! Thanks for linking.