Thursday, October 16, 2014

His and Hers Closets

I live in a wonderful, nearly 100 year old house.  It has has lots of great features including a stone fireplace and built-in bookcases in the living room and snug cozy bedrooms tucked under the roof upstairs.  But along with all that charm, there is a distinct lack of closet space.  In fact there are only two real closets in the whole house, one in the guest room we use for coats and one our bedroom.  The rest of the storage space is improvised.  

Hubby and I have been sharing this space since we moved in.


It worked pretty well as long as neither of us had very many clothes or shoes.  But in the last few years we have both expanded our wardrobes significantly.  I cobbled up some overflow space in the crafts area.

It's not really ideal for storing clothes and it took away space from the sewing, knitting, and other crafty supplies.  

And then THIS happened.

Our closet had a baby! 

Well, we went out and bought a second closet to keep our first one company.  I've been wanting to get a free standing wardrobe for a long time but have been stumped by our size limitations.  Remember I said the bedroom are tucked under the roof?  Yeah, we have low ceiling and can't fit a standard height wardrobe.  And then pure luck hit last weekend and I found this lovely unit on craigslist.  It was custom built for the previous owner but is near perfect fit for our space.

 Hubby has moved his clothes into the new closet and I get the entire old closet.

It's mine, ALL MINE!  (Except for the shelf I can't really reach anyway.  Hubby's still using that for his shoes.)

And the crafts space?  

I still have shoe overflow in there but otherwise it is back to being used for fabric and yarn storage and feeling a whole lot less cramped.  I really like how perfectly the yarn and fabric fit in these hanging shoe organizers.

It's nice how a little change can make such a big difference. 


  1. Isn't it odd that Americans have built-in wardrobes and us Brits have free-standing ones? I wonder why!
    The wardrobe was a great find especially as it fits perfectly. Even the cat looks impressed! x

  2. That was a stroke of luck! The little cupboard fits in perfectly - and all the more wardrobe space for you! xxx

  3. Weighing in late, but I was so fascinated by this for a variety of reasons:

    1) My grandmother's house is about 80 years old, but hers has a *ton* of storage. It's built right into the walls and the utility room is full of cabinets and the size of a bedroom. I wonder what the trend was?

    2) I can't imagine sharing that closet with a spouse! At least not without constant bickering and shoving, with my clothing collection hobby. >.> I recently revealed to my new man that I have 30 pairs of pants. He took it in stride.

    3) I love craigslisting unique furniture that just fits perfectly in your living space. I'm all sorts of enthused for you both. :D