Thursday, October 23, 2014

Variations on a Theme

This week has been all about knee length knit dresses and colored tights.  I have a love /hate relationship with tights.  I love the look of brightly colored opaque tights but hate having to tug them up all the time.  But last year I discovered that Target sells plain Jane opaque tight in a wide variety of colors that fit me REALLY well.  I won't lie and say I never have to give them a tug, but I can wear them all day without going nuts, so, Yay

This dress is my latest thrift store find.  The color is pretty off in this picture but the cami and boots are berry colored.  The boots are awesome platforms from Kork Ease that Hubby bought me a couple of years ago.  The look great, feel great, and are holding up really well in spite of having already gone through 2 wet winters. Topped off with a vintage men's velvet hat. 

Next up is a wine colored dress with patterned cami and mustard yellow tights.  I've found myself very drawn to mustard recently and I especially like it with red/wine/berry.

Finished off with assorted vintage plastic jewelry and a hand knit hat.  It's the Carmen pattern from Hat Couture.  The earrings are old celluloid. 

My wildly comfortable Danskos are also a gift from Hubby.

And today's outfit is this black and white polka dot (love polka dots!) dress with red long sleeve T and red tights.  I think red tights are just plain sexy no mater what you wear them with. 

The black wool felt hat is a nice shape but a little plain on it's own so I added a big red and pink rhinestone pin which then meant I had to also wear my red and pink bracelets.  That's just plain logic.  

The red bracelet is one of the very first pieces I bought when I started shopping at thrift stores and the pin is the most recent find.  

Do I look pleased with myself?  Maybe it's because my shoes have buckles and I only paid $4.99 for them.  


  1. Oh my goodness! I love all of your outfits! each is so gorgeous, and the colours are beautiful, polka dots and red is yummy! and the tights, I hear you! I am on the lookout for more colourful tights here (if you love navy/grey/black they are in abundance) they show footwear of perfectly (as you have wonderfully modelled!) x x x

  2. Lovely colour co-ordinated outfits, you look fabulous. I love a pair of coloured opaques, one of the only good things about the Winter. xxx

  3. All these rich red/berry shades really suit your colouring, and the dresses are great. Coloured tights are my favourites, patterned ones too, I feel terribly dull if I wear black these days! xxx