Friday, September 5, 2014


I really though I had this week in hand. Sprog was settling into his new school and I was getting used to the new schedule.  I had a handle on the cleaning and planning that had to get done in preparation for my parents' visit next week.  And I even set aside some time to go hunting for treasures like these beauties!

Beautiful soft floral double knit. So retro and so romantic

Groovy barkcloth yardage. 

Love these bold bakelite dangle earring.

And, wow, oh wow, look at this!

Goldworm made in Italy maxi dress. SO cool!

All listed on Etsy.

Yup, it was gonna be tight but I could make it all work.  And then this happened...

Came home last night to discover a litter of kittens under our porch. 

Kaboom!  Plans? What plans? The universe laughs at plans you puny human. 

Being the conscientious, responsible suckers that we are, we couldn't just leave them out there. We were able to scoop up four last night leaving the fifth with momma.  The plan is to coax the fifth to us tonight with food.  

So far two are tame and two aren't. But they're young enough that we should be able to bring them around.  

What a mug!  

We'll keep feeding momma for a few weeks and then trap her and have her spayed. We have an organization here that with do spay/neuters on feral cats. We'll then have to release her which isn't the best solution but at least she won't be dropping any more kittens. It's a decent solution to a tough problem. 

The kittens we'll tame, have tested and vaccinated, and then find them homes. Want a kitten? 

Have two, they're small.  Seriously, if you're in the Portland, OR area please pass the word that kitties need good homes.  Thanks!

Luckily my folks love cats and understand the chaos that my house just became. I think they're actually looking forward to playing with the kitties. 

Now if I could just get Sid Vicious to stop biting me, all would be good.  Off to find the band-aids...


  1. Oh my goodness, so much to be excited about here - I love the dresses, and I adore the kittens! Hope you can get mum and babies sorted and rehomed. xxx

  2. Kittens! aren't they gorgeous? well done you though! sadly I can't take any more kittens, I have just got mine into a bedtime routine and I live a little too far away! your dresses are divine, you definitely found treasure there! and yes, your plans seem to be like my plans, I try not to make any anymore, I understand Kaboom a lot! haha!

  3. I'd love a kitten! I'm cat crazy, and my Peepers needs a playmate.......
    O, that first maxi is MAGIC! Great scores!
    I don;t come to Oregon as often as I would like, but next time I do, you're on!