Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer: It isn't About the Clothes

I was so intrigued by Anne's 52 pick-me-up prompt, "Goddess" this week that I had to come up with something. Problem is that for me summer is about picking raspberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes from the garden. It's about grilling corn and smoking chickens on the BBQ.  It's about kayaking and swimming. It's not about clothes. Summer is my wardrobe wasteland. But then I remembered this dress. With its slightly draped bodice and long straight skirt, it has a Grecian feel to me so here I am seeking my inner Athena. 

I added in my scarab bracelet just to mix the metaphor a little. Bast works for me too.

I'm barefoot here because summer is also about walking barefoot in the grass. But I'd love to find a pair of gladiator sandals like these.  

So I shall keep my eyes peeled, be patient, and trust the thrift store goddesses will provide.  Speaking of thrift store goddesses, here are some finds from the past week.

Darling hair clip with faux pearl.  I love finding vintage hair accessories!  

The powder jar has a celluloid lid and I'll use it to store jewelry. Cattails are another thing I associate with summer and I was quite happy to snap up this pin today for a whopping $3. 

Also linking up with Share-in-Style as long as I'm talking about summery things even if the dress doesn't exactly scream summer. 

Hope you're all doing your favorite summer things this week!


  1. My dressing up is never curtailed through seasonal pursuits, I was out foraging for blackberrries at the weekend in a 1970s maxi dress and false eyelashes!
    Love the scarab bracelet, its beautiful. x

    1. Didn't mean to suggest that they're mutually incompatible. Only that clothing doesn't really make my list of things I care about in the summer. I went kayaking in a silk wrap skirt because it was cool, easy to put on and take off for swimming and would dry quickly. I have no doubt that you totally rocked blackberry picking in your maxi!

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  3. You look thoroughly elegant in your Grecian dress, and the scarab bracelet is beautiful.
    Love the catkins brooch too. xxx

  4. Fabulousssssssssssssssss
    Thank you so much for joining the Share-in-Style family