Friday, August 1, 2014

Life is Back to Normal

The Sprog is home from camp and the house feels right again.  I enjoyed the quiet time but I prefer having him around. He had a fabulous time doing his LIT (leader in training) orientation week.  He'll now do two weeks of day camp and one more week of sleep away as an assistant. I'm really proud of my guy!

Trackers Earth is really the most amazing organization. They offer all kinds of great outdoor camps, homesteading skills, and role playing fun for both kids and adults.  Sprog has done archery and blacksmithing in addition to learning a wide array of useful outdoor skills.  I've also taken up archery again. Shooting arrows at things is really fun!

This is not a current picture but I didn't think to snap one when I picked him up today. That's probably just as well considering he had just spent a week roughing it in the woods.  

Our participation with Trackers has also given me great opportunities to flex my costuming muscles.  Here's Sprog's Costume from the Halloween party this past fall.  He won a prize!  

The leather part I actually made the year before for his dwarf costume.

The gauntlets are knit and the pattern is available if you're interested. 

Whew!  Sorry for the flashback.  This post is getting a bit out of hand.


  1. It sounds like an awesome adventure and all round good fun! we don't have summer camps here (or none that I know of) archery is fun, I tried it but was pretty rubbish getting a good aim with my boobs hehe! of course Sprog won a prize with his costume, it's brilliant!! you are so talented! the knitted gauntlets are very special too (my knitting is rather woeful, I mean dreadful! I do admire your skills!) x x x

  2. Out of hand? I think not! What fantastic costuming skills you have. I'm glad Sprog has been able to experience some summertime adventure. Archery is the best!