Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Hot and This Flower is Wilting

This week's Share-in-Style prompt, "flowers" inspired me to finally fix the broken strap on this dress so I could actually wear the darned thing. I don't generally wear florals but I rather like this one.  It's my own private rose garden. 

I try not to show this much skin in public but it's been 90 degrees every day for over a week now and I just don't care any more.

Too much cleavage?

Who cares?  I'm wearing a rose garden and I'm not melting.  

I was tempted to pair this with a big stack of black and red plastic bangles but decided to go with the cooler (do you sense a theme?) feel of silver tone jewelry. The pin and bracelet are both vintage finds from the thrift store. I'm not sure why I like this pin so much.  Close up the the glued in bits of abalone shell are kinda ugly but there's something about it I find kinda perfect. 

I spent my (very hot) Sunday working on another sewing project for The Sprog. 

This is his summer weight (cotton) cloak for being stealthy in the woods. The cat eyes were his idea because he's been told he sneaks up on people like a cat. I love how the whole thing turned out. I think he looks pretty badass! 

Stay cool everyone!


  1. Too much flesh? You look gorgeous, if you've got it, flaunt it!
    Great costume, he looks delighted with it and who could blame him? x

  2. I second Vix - flash that cleavage, you look great! Lovely dress and jewellery.
    The cape is brilliant, and the eyes are the perfect finishing touch! xxx

  3. Absolutely lovely!

    1. Hey Peter! Thanks for stopping by. Miss ya!

  4. You look fabulous in that floral number
    Thank you so much for joining the Share-in-Style family