Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It's been beastly hot and I've been wearing clothing only under protest so an outfit post was right out.  So I decided to give you peek at me jewelry collection instead. 

Yup, that's a Smurf. My grandparents got him for me on one of their trips to Europe prior to the introduction of Smurfs into the US. He has a place of honor on my dresser and in my heart. 

I believe I mentioned having a plastic bangle obsession in an earlier post, well, there they are.  The rack on the right is actually a mug holder and I rather like it better than the one on the left. Most of the bracelets on the right are bakelite and most of those are thrift store finds at $5 or less (in some cases a lot less.)

I generally don't wear necklaces due to an issue with my neck so finding the right jewelry box with the right set of compartments has been a bit of a struggle. The fact that I also wanted something funky and preferably vintage, and didn't want to pay very much didn't help either. 

I was exstatic when I found this at the thrift store. It has two pull out drawers, each subdivided into smaller sections which are perfect for storing pins and bracelets.  I absolutely love the brass and faux leather which give the whole thing a steampunk vibe!  I smile every time I look at it. Once again proof that if you are patient and persistent the right thing will eventually come along.  

The plastic containers on top hold overflow. 

I also did a small repurposing project today. A while back I found this at an estate sale.  

The carved rose is bakelite and I think it started out life as a necklace.  The necklace part is completely trashed and I wouldn't be able to wear it anyway. The rose is damaged but still worth having so I needed to figure out how to turn it into something I can wear. 

Yesterday I picked this up at the thrift store.

The agate is nice but not special.  So this...

Became this...

Now, if the weather would just cool off.  


  1. Lovely to see all your earrings and bangles, so neatly arranged! Great makeover on the Bakelite rose too. xxx

  2. Your jewellry is so pretty and beautifully neat and tidy! the bangle trees are an excellent idea and the Bakelite rose is a triumph!, I'd never have thought of that (I do hope it starts to cool down for you too) x x x

  3. Before I got to the end I was thinking "brooch" for that beautiful rose, so I'm happy to see it has been granted a new life! A wonderful refashion, I've never been able to get my head around refashioning jewellery so I get such a kick out of others efforts :). Right, I'm dashing out to the op shops to hunt for a mug holder pronto! xox