Monday, August 25, 2014

Shaking things up. Etsy Sale

We're in that final stretch, the dog-days of summer.  Fall is coming but summer isn't ready to let go just yet.  The world feels hot and completely dried out.  The plants are starting to look overgrown and worn out.  They'll put their last energy into the lovely fall bounty and then call it quits for the year.  This day after day of hot and dry has given me an industrial strength case of the blahs. But today I decided to try to shake myself out of it by wearing bright, exciting clothes. 

I paired this brightly patterned, two layer, wrap skirt with a T shirt embellished with a gold paisley patten.  

I love swishy skirts!

Wheeeeee!  Look at me; I'm linking up with Visible Monday!  

And I even put on a touch of makeup!

And no outfit would be complete without something on my wrist. Today it's three not-bakelite-but-really-nice-anyway plastic bangles. Everything I'm wearing is thrifted. 

And to shake things up in my Etsy store,  I'm offering a 20% off any purchase over $10. Just enter the coupon code "shakeitup" at checkout.  Thanks for stopping by!

Whew!  I do feel better.  


  1. Fab skirt, you look gorgeous. x

  2. I love a swishy skirt too! Thanks for linking up to Vis Monday.

  3. A swishy skirt is a must in hot weather - lovely colour too! xxx