Saturday, January 10, 2015


Interesting Things happened yesterday. 

First, a friend arranged a spur of the moment meeting for me with the lovely owner of Yarntastic in Sellwood.  Check them out out.  It's a wonderful store and owner Lesley is lovely.

The upshot of the meeting was that I'll be doing a trunk show during the Rose City Yarn Crawl in March! This is an amazing opportunity for me and one that I'm truly grateful for. If you're going to be in Portland for the yarn crawl be sure to come by Yarntastic and say, "hi."

Then in the evening while I was trying to figure out all the things I'll need to do to get ready for the yarn crawl, I found out that one of my patterns was mentioned in a piece in The Toast!  (Scroll down to #19.) Personally, I think the knit broccoli is pretty awesome! 

I'll have lunar progression with me at the trunk show in March so, seriously, come by and see it in person.  It's cool.

And now, I really have to turn my attention to getting ready to go out of town. If I don't do laundry soon I'll end up being that cliche where the kids shows up at home with a suitcase full of dirty laundry. Maybe cute in your 20s but not so much in your 40s. 


  1. Wonderful news - good for you! xxx

  2. Congratulations, hope it all goes well for you!

    I have to say, knitted broccoli, that's a new one !!! Never heard of a yarn crawl, but I did go and see the Saltburn yarnbombers (North Yorkshire, England) efforts whilst on holiday there, pretty clever that they do it all in secret!

  3. Oh that's brilliant news! good luck!
    btw I think laundry multiplies all by itself, like bacteria, I have often done a double take with mine hehe! x x x