Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Of Gallbladders, Sunny Days, and Kissing Frogs

So sorry to have been away so long! Things got a bit crazy here.  Steve has been having abdominal pain for the past 8 months.  In November he was diagnosed with gallstones and gallbladder removal was suggested.  The surgery was scheduled for the end of January but two attacks in three days around Christmas resulted in the decision to move it up.  So on Saturday we drove home from California, Sunday and Monday we scurried around to get things organized, and yesterday he had surgery.  I'm very happy to report that everything went smoothly and Steve is recovering nicely today.  The procedure itself took barely an hour and we were in and out of the outpatient center in 4 hours total!  Steve has three small incisions from the laparoscopic procedure which will need a little time to heal but his abdominal pain is completely gone.  And I finally have a little free time to sit and write a blog post.

Prior to the holidays, I had hit a bit of a dry spell on the thrift store front (a whole lot of frogs and no princes).  Nothing was right.  Things that fit were boring.  Things with pretty fabric were cut all wrong for me.  Or I loved the print but hated the fabric (polyester is not my friend.)  Finally, just before leaving for California I found this great Eileen Fisher dress.  It's cotton knit, has a flattering cut with a surplice bodice and the curved hemline, and is one of my favorite colors.  It's still not a print but at least it's something I can pair with strong colors and shiny bakelite bangles.


It's a gloriously sunny day here which always a nice treat in January in the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe a little too sunny for good photos!

My favorite part of this outfit has got to be the mustard yellow tights and the new to me Fluevog boots.  I bought them secondhand off the Fluemarket from a woman in Vancouver (WA) who was willing to meet me halfway so I didn't have to pay for shipping. 

I won't be resting for long.  Assuming all continues to go well with Steve's recovery, I'll be on a plane headed to Boston Monday night for a just me trip to see my family.  Steve and Sam will be bachin' it here.  More about that soon!

fter swapping out the laces they are about as perfect as a pair of knee high boots can be!


  1. Those boots are ace with the mustard tights! Score!
    Sending Steve best wishes for a speedy recovery. x

  2. Happy to hear that Steve is doing well. You look fantastic in your thrifted Eileen Fisher and the boots with mustard tights. Brava!

  3. Isn't it great how these procedures are so quick these days. I'm happy Steve won't be in pain anymore!
    Your boots are tremendous. Have a great time in Boston.

  4. Don't the boots look great with the bright mustard tights?
    I think we all get periods of drought on the charity/thrifty shopping front - this too shall pass!
    Best wishes to Steve for a speedy recovery from his surgery, and I hope you enjoy your trip to Boston. xxx

  5. My goodness, it's all been happening where you are! I'm so pleased to hear Steve's surgery went well and he is now recovering, it's such a relief (my Mum-in-Law is having a new shoulder tomorrow hopefully) you look absolutely gorgeous btw! I love your outfit and those boots and tights are delicious, have fun in Boston! x x x