Monday, November 17, 2014


Ever had one of those day where nothing seems to go quite right?  Well, I'm on day three. Saturday The Sprog was away all day doing Rangers stuff with Trackers so Hubby and I decide to make a day out of it. First on the plan was a stop off at the archery range but when we got there we found it full of little kids.  Since this was our kid-free day we decided to pass.  Next we went on to the thrift store. Hubby and I both had lists of things we were hoping to find. And of course going in with a list just about guarantees you'll leave empty handed.  In our case it wasn't a complete strike out. Hubby did find one thing he was looking for and I found this lovely vintage embroidered maxi dress from Mexico.

But this one is for etsy and I had actually been looking for things for myself. Oh well.  

A couple of more stops to get a new pair of gloves for Hubby and to warm up with a coffee and then it was time to collect Sprog. 

Once at home, I realized that I was starting to feel sick. That nixed our plans to go out for Korean BBQ, one of our favorite family meals out. Instead Hubby very kindly picked up Chinese take-out. Hot and sour soup is hands down the best thing for a cold. 

I woke up Sunday morning with a full blown head cold and spent the day on the couch watching tv, blowing my nose, and generally feeling pathetic. So much for anything I had planned to get done. 

Thankfully it seems to have been a fairly whimpy cold and I woke up feeling much better today. But apparently things are still just a bit off.  I tried to take pictures on the deck but between the wind and the weird light angles I didn't get anything useable. So I moved inside where at leat there wasn't any wind. The light is still completely off and this time the camera was crooked. 

And my hair is flat and I think the underneath dress is actually too short to look right. Oh well, I'm wearing my it's-exactly-the-right-color-and-so-wonderfully-soft-and-warm pashmina so life is still ok. 

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  1. I love your Medieval look! My Year 5 children are learning about Medieval music at the moment!
    Charity-shopping, I always come home with things other than intended, your dress is really a lovely find!
    I wanted to say thank you for following me, that's so nice, and I would love to follow you back, glad you have Bloglovin! x

  2. Oh well, sometimes you just have to write off the bad days and look to the future! At least you found that fabulous Mexican dress, I'm sure that will sell quickly. And you look lovely in rich jewel shades. xxx

  3. Great Medieval look! The dark red looks great on you. Glad to hear that the cold didn't last.

  4. Gorgeous rich colours and a fab Mexi dress. Hope you feel better now. x

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    You do look like a true medieval queen.
    I shall also link up with Ann´s.
    Happy Wednesday