Sunday, February 8, 2015

Actually, It IS the End of the World, Let's Knit.

Next up on the Cooperative Press tour of things to love, is Doomsday Knits edited by Alex Tinsley. 


To quote Alex from the introduction:

The year is 3015. The polar ice caps have melted and the deserts expanded, leaving the Earth a seared, crusty Hell. Meanwhile, nuclear fallout has blocked out the sun, plunging the world into a new ice age (yes, at the same time). The question on your mind?

What should I knit?

Doomsday Knits is a riotous collection of garments and accessories inspired by the post-apocalyptic genre of film, literature, and fashion. These cutting-edge fashion pieces are just as at-home in your closet today as they will be in the dystopian wastelands of tomorrow.

This is a really fun group book with a wild assortment truly creative, imaginative, and downright wacky patterns.


Fennec by Sharon Fuller is a beautiful cropped sweater that is also perfect for our modern world.


Grom-Mitts by Brenda K. B. Anderson are edgy and cool.

Ringmaster by Rhiannon McCulloch shows a softer, somewhat more romantic dystopian future. 

Lunar Progression is my contribution to this book. It's a scarf with a built in lunar calender (because everyone needs one of those, right?)  Look here for my earlier blog post all about this pattern. 

And check out Dull Roar (Alex's blog) with links to a whole bunch of behind the scenes posts from other designers. 

One of the things I really like about knitting is its broad appeal.  Classy, elegant, sophisticated?  Yup, plenty of that!  Sweet, adorable, cherubic?  Absolutely!  Silly, crazy, over the top?  Oh yeah, we've got that too! Whatever your mood or need you'll be able to knit something to suit. So in the immortal words of William Shakespeare, "Get thee to a yarn shop" (or something like that.)

Also get thee to the Cooperative Press website and sign up for prizes!


  1. Doomsday Knits is one of the books that I've wanted to have since it came out. Perhaps it's time to reward myself!

  2. So clever! Wish I could knit but I'm neither left nor right handed and keep going back on myself!

  3. This is brilliant! well, not Doomsday, no thanks but the knitting is very, very cool x x x

  4. What interesting pieces - no Nana sweaters here! xxx

  5. What a wildly fantastic concept for a book. I love the cover! And your contribution is perfect for pre- and post-apocalyptic wear. Haha. I have great welder's goggles to wear with any of these pieces. Knitting is indeed an artform.

  6. Adorable sewing patterns! I love this whole look on you. And you look wonderful.