Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mellowness and Cookies

It's been one of those weeks where nothing really special one way or another happens.  The days have gone mostly as planned with no particular events to note.  I mostly spent this week ticking off things from my around the house to-do list (I reorganized my sock drawer - crazy, I know!) and kitting a sweater for the Sprog.  I did make it out to a couple of thrift stores too.

Here's a happy coincidence.  On Monday I found the long cardigan, on Tuesday I found the skirt, and on Wednesday I put them together with one of my absolutely favorite pairs of shoes!

Cardigan (CB Designs) - thrifted
Skirt (John Paul Richard) - thrifted
Tights (Target) - New but by way of Goodwill.
Camisole (Old Navy) - Thrifted
The clothing cost a total of $24.
And that's why I can afford the extravagantly priced Fluevog shoes I'm loving so much!

I also found a few goodies for the etsy shop.  You can still get 20% off (any purchase over $10) with coupon code VINTAGEHOLIDAYS.

Vintage Christmas ornaments still in their original package.


Vibrantly pink MuMu!  Who want to go to Hawaii?

Perfectly 70s dress.

It's kinda nice to have this quiet time after the flurry of activity last week for Thanksgiving.  I'm hoping for a couple of more mellow weeks before winter break and holiday craziness starts.

But the week hasn't been dull either.  Get this, it's National Cookie Day!  Seriously, go look it up.  To celebrate I made pumpkin cookies with pumpkin form my garden.  They're delicious.  Here's the recipe.  There's a glaze to go on top but I think they're perfect without.

And lastly I leave you with this bit of cookie related whimsey from my childhood.  Enjoy!


  1. Lovely warm Winter colours, that skirt looks great. xxx

  2. Your favourite colours - how lucky to find both pieces!
    That 1970s frock is a beauty. xxx