Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Steampunk Bar-Mitzvah

As usual a whole lot of time has passed filled with everyday life stuff not worth posting about.  Of course, mixed in are the really fun exciting things but I'm usually to busy making them happen to post about them so here's a recap of the last few months;  costuming, bar-mitzvah planning, Steve got a job!, more costuming, more planning, drowning under out of town guests, fantastic bar-mitzvah (very proud momma here), oh, and some knitting in there too.

Sam decided he wanted a steampunk themed bar-mitzvah!  In addition to creating costumes for Steve, Sam, and myself, I became adviser on several others.  Basically I ate, drank, and slept steampunk over the summer. 

Before I get to the costumes, here's my favorite picture from the day, Sam and my dad posing together.  I bought that tallit for my dad when I was in Israel in 1986.  He loaned it to Sam to for the bar-mitzvah. 

On to costumes!  I did some knitting for the event including making myself a mini-top hat.  I kinda love the copper butterfly!

The rest of the costumes were mixtures of found garment lightly to heavily modified and embellished.

Miss Amelia and I went shopping at Goodwill and put together this lovely outfit.  I made the fascinator for her by embellishing one of the suede bar-mitzvah kippot! 

That's me on the left.  The corset is my sample of the Isambard Corset over-dyed with black cherry kool aid to make it the right color for the outfit.  The bustle skirt I made from a sari silk wrap skirt.

Steve and Sam looking very dapper!  For Sam's coat, I replaced the buttons for these really cool twist lock closures.  Each one is mounted on a square of leather sewn to the coat.  Steve's hat lights up! 

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